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The days of disproportionate legal fees, restrictive, protracted formal legal proceedings, and contentious correspondence, are numbered. Individuals and their lawyers are instead choosing more pragmatic dispute resolution: Mediation is a more cost effective and efficient process which provides considerable latitude to participants to explore infinite solutions, and create a bespoke resolution quickly, in order that they can move forwards.

Mediation removes the ‘win’ or ‘lose’ culture of traditional legal proceedings and is without statutory or financial limitation, so that as the process evolves, solutions can be created on terms that a judge or tribunal would not be able to award. Each settlement arising from a successful mediation is unique, and the undertakings contained therein may allow the repair of civil relations, if desired, which is rarely possible with litigation.

Mediation will facilitate constructive dialogue before matters become too entrenched or frustrated, issues misunderstood or facts embellished, and it will allow parties to understand the nature of the others’ allegations or grievances in a calmer, private and confidential environment, and to more thoroughly explore sensible, enduring solutions.

Mediation also allows participants to conclude a dispute quickly, avoiding the significant delays in the court and tribunal systems due to the backlog caused by COVID (currently said to be upward of two years in many courts), and reduce the inevitable stress and anxiety of those formal legal proceedings.

If you are unsure whether mediation could assist your dispute, or would like further information, please contact us for an informal discussion.


In line with COVID restrictions, Latitude Mediation has moved fully to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for the time being. The feedback received is that ODR is highly effective, even more convenient and of course participants now benefit from being able to mediate from the comfort of their own home.