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Fees and Payment

Latitude Mediation understands how important it is for participants to stay in control of the financial aspects of the process. As such we operate on a fixed fee basis, with all reasonable preparatory and administrative work included. We are confident that we offer a competitive pricing policy and each quotation will be bespoke to your requirements. We are very happy to discuss a potential mediation with you and agree a bespoke pricing package and plan, and some pricing guidelines are set out below for ease.

For further information please contact Latitude Mediation by email or on 07780670673. Alternatively, why not book a complimentary preliminary meeting directly online.

Civil & Commercial Mediations

Amount being claimedFees per partyLength of session
Less than £5000£75Up to 1 hour
Book online
Less than £5000£125 Up to 2 hours
Book online
£5,000 to £14,999£320 Up to 3 hours
£15,000 to £49,999£445 Up to 4 hours
£50,000 -£250,000£750 – £1,500 Full day
£250,000 and abovePOAPlease email

Each additional hour is charged at £100 + VAT per party

Workplace Mediations

Most workplace mediations will include preliminary meetings over a half day period with employers and their HR representative if helpful, often followed by a 3-4 hour mediation a week later. A fixed fee of £750 – £1,100 in total is usually suitable, depending on the complexity of the case, number of parties involved and size of the business. A full day mediation may be preferable and of course hourly rates can be agreed if easier: Bespoke packages will always be agreed in advance of any fees being incurred.

In the words of Sir Richard Branson “A company’s employees are it’s greatest asset and your people are your product“.

More complex issues

For more complex or sensitive disputes, Latitude Mediation also provides comprehensive consultancy support and has a number of external experts who could also support as required on a consultancy basis. Whilst each case will vary, Serena will work closely with the senior management team, and carry out an in-depth review of the business, practises and procedures in order to provide strategic level advice and guidance. Liaising with all relevant stakeholders, employees and management, Serena will gain a more comprehensive, and of course objective, understanding of where improvements may be made. This consultancy support could be concluded as quickly as a 2-3 day on-site analysis (when COVID allows) or a business may prefer the comfort of having accessible longer term support. Mediation support is very likely to form part of the consultancy works, but consideration of and recommedations on policies, procedures and training often also fall out of the process. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that your people are supported and happy which in turn will create an environment within which they can be productive and thrive.

Family Mediation

Latitude Mediation works very closely with a number of family mediators and we can offer you access to some of the countries most skilled mediators at cost effective prices. Family mediations are usually carried out on an hourly rate and our expert mediators charge between £100 ppph to £300ppph depending on the complexity of the dispute. For further information email

Special Educational Need (SEND) Mediations.

Latitude Mediation works very closely with a highly skilled SEND mediator Nancy Radford who has assisted various special educational needs mediations. Whilst most mediations are usually arranged through the educational trust, if you would like to find out more or require additional support do get in touch

Overseas Mediations

Latitude Mediation is happy to assist with international claims and is fully insured to do so. Most international mediations can be resolved through the online platform, making access to a mediator far easier than ever before. Please book a preliminary meeting with us in order to discuss the particular requirements. Please note that we work with a number of overseas mediators and can provide direct access and general liaison on your behalf if there is a particular advantage to using a mediator resident overseas. Partnerships include the USA, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and various European countries.

What else you should know

Please note that mediation is not suitable if the contact details of the other participant are unknown, or if the other participant is unlikely to be able to pay under a settlement agreement, even if it is agreed that the monies are owed. Further, it is always preferable for both participants to be engaged with the mediator from the outset and so a joint agreement to mediate at the earliest opportunity is strongly encouraged.